Cody’s Blog: How to Recover from a Candy Hangover

halloween-candy-bucketIt’s almost Halloween which means candy which equals lots of sugar.   Processing all that extra sugar takes a toll on our bodies and can make us crave even more.

Clinical Dietician, Jessica Decostole says “In the short term, a sugar binge can make you feel very energetic, But then comes the inevitable crash.  When you eat an excessive amount of sugar, your pancreas goes into overdrive pumping out insulin to get all that glucose out of your bloodstream and into your muscle cells so it can be used for energy”.  The excess insulin causes your blood sugar to drop fast.  Registered Dietician Susan Dopart says “As your body works to control that high glucose level, you can feel tired, bloated, or even nauseous.  This can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on your insulin sensitivity”.  Much like an alcohol hangover, there are ways to minimize the physical symptoms of a candy hangover.  One solution is physical activity!  If you have too much fun this Halloween go for a walk or come to Pilates class.  Movement heals, so get MOVING and burn off some of that sugar right away!  Click HERE to learn more.


Cody is a Pilates Instructor and the Co-Owner of Performance Pilates in Sugar Land with Michelle Long.  Cody is also the evening (7pm-Midnight) host on MIX 96.5


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