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Start a Rewarding Career as a Fascial Pilates Instructor!

Do you want  to do something that you are passionate about?  Something that positively changes people’s lives? …And make money?

We're launching a new, recognized Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Certification Program in April!

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Our Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Certification is a classical Pilates education program. In our 3 level program you will learn...

  • The original Pilates studio repertoire from a fascial perspective, on the reformer, cadillac/tower, chairs, barrels, mat and auxiliary equipment.
  • A new approach to your Pilates experience.
  • A deeper understanding of the original teachings of Contrology.
  • A new embodyment of skills to empower your teaching to be transformative and healing.

“If you feel like there’s something out there that you’re supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it”.

— Wanda Sykes

With a Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Certification from Performance Pilates, you will be prepared to..

  • Teach private Pilates sessions and Pilates classes
  • See and teach movement from a fascial perspective.
  • Address, and safely progress special populations.

2022 Schedule

Course prerequisites:

Level 1:

  • Weekend/Module I    - 4/22-4/24
  • Weekend/Module II   - 5/13-5/15
  • Weekend/Module III  - 6/3- 6/5
  • Weekend/Module IV -  6/24-6/26  (Test Out)

Level 2:

  • Weekend/Module I - 7/22-7/24
  • Weekend/Module II - 8/12-8/14
  • Weekend/Module III- 9/2-9/4  (Test Out)

Level 3:

  • Weekend/Module I - 9/30-10/2
  • Weekend/Module II- 10/21-10/23
  • Weekend/Module III 11/4-11/6  (Final Test Out)



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