Virtual Studio

Return to Life Mat: Mat Pilates Class as Joseph Pilates intended. Energizing & inspiring! Mat Pilates Class is currently on hiatus to return soon, Saturday mornings at 10:00.

Virtual Equipment Class: (You will be joining a live studio class via Zoom. Sign up with the "Virtual Equipment Class" option.)

Join our Virtual Equipment Class from anywhere on your own equipment.  Otherwise, Reformer Class on the Mat: No equipment, no problem! Use your imagination to find the resistance and assistance of the springs. Reformer Class On The Mat allows you to join a Reformer class without a Reformer!

Weights Class: (On hiatus. Returning soon!) Grab some dumbbells, a mat and a computer and join us for Virtual Weights Class. We’ll use Spatial Medicine concepts of Tensegrity and Distribution that we use in Pilates Mat & Equipment Classes.

performance pilates virtual session
  • 1st Private Session & Consultation $49
  • Individual Private Sessions $95

What You Will Need

  • A Mat
  • A computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. The camera should be positioned so that we can see all of you on your mat.
  • Enough space to stretch out long with arms overhead and arms out to the side

We look forward to seeing you!

We teach you how to move without pain and gain youthful mobility. Learn how your fascia (connective tissue) plays a large role in an unrestricted, childlike movement.