Virtual Studio

Performance Pilates is open with online options available. Our Virtual Studio is up and running offering Private sessions, & Mat Classes. You can even join our Equipment Classes virtually with your own equipment (Reformer etc)!

  • Return to Life Mat: Mat Pilates as Joseph Pilates intended. Energizing & inspiring! Mat Class is Saturday mornings at 10:30.
  • Virtual Equipment Class: (You will be joining a live studio class via Zoom. Sign up with the "Virtual Equipment Class" option.)
  • Reformer on the Mat: No equipment, no problem! Use your imagination to find the resistance and assistance of the springs. Reformer On The Mat allows you to join a Reformer class without a Reformer!
  • Weights Class: Grab some dumbbells, a mat and a computer and join us for Virtual Weights Class. We’ll use Spatial Medicine concepts of Tensegrity and Distribution that we use in Pilates Mat & Equipment Classes. Weights Class is Thursday mornings at 10:30.
  • 1st Private Session & Consultation $49
  • Individual Private Sessions $95

What You Will Need

  • A Mat
  • A computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. The camera should be positioned so that we can see all of you on your mat.
  • Enough space to stretch out long with arms overhead and arms out to the side

We look forward to seeing you!!