Thinking About Becoming a Pilates Instructor? Here’s Why You Should Do It!

In a recent article shared by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), it talks about the Pilates industry growing exponentially between now and 2028! This is due to pop culture influence, and according to a 2022 report by the World Economic Forum, since COVID, people are more health
concious and willing to change their lifestyle to increase well-being.

We’re also living longer, taking care of ourselves better, and want to stay active. In the article from the Pilates Education Institute, the Pilates and Yoga industries are forecasted to grow 11.4% over the next decade, with the market expected to nearly double in size! It goes on to mention that the scarcity of
qualified instructors is the “thing” that will limit the growth of our industry. In Almost every Pilates forum on social media platforms, studio owners are begging for new teachers…including ourselves!

To fill this void we’ve created our own Pilates Instructor Certification Program.

It’s a 450+ hour course, recognized by the National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP). Our goal was to grow our own Instructors with the qualifications we desire to work in our studio. Of course our certification should be welcomed anywhere. Our course is a comprehensive, Classical Pilates curriculum, with a fascial movement approach. You’ll learn how to teach and perform the exercises on the Mat, Reformer, and all of the equipment. We’ll study and learn myofascia lines from Anatomy Trains, and you’ll learn Myofascia Release techniques. You will embody skills to empower your teaching to be transformative and healing. You can expect to see a ROI in about nine months, following the completion of Level 2. At the completion of Level 3, the entire program should be completed in under two years.

Click HERE to see our 2024 course dates beginning in June.

Becoming a Pilates Instructor is a very viable career choice. Especially now with a growing industry and shortage of teachers! Yes, certification is costly and will require your time. If it isn’t, it isn’t worth doing. If you’re driven by passion, curiosity, personal growth, a desire to actually help people, and a sense of fullfillment every day, the investment of your time and money is hardly a burden. If you love Pilates, and want to start a new career, or make a career change, we would love to talk to you.

Click HERE to see our 2024 course dates beginning in June.

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