FAQ – Performance Pilates

What makes Performance Pilates Fascia different from other studios?

Other Studios ONLY focus on contracting your own muscles to perform pilates exercises. They teach that everything comes from the “core”. But at Performance Pilates and Fascia we teach you how to move fascially. You will experience movement much differently than at all other studios or gyms. Learning to move fascially teaches you to distribute movement throughout the entire body. This translates into moving pain free. Your new found, pain-free movement will have you doing more, with less effort.

Why does it cost more?

Our teachers are highly experienced and highly educated in both Pilates and Fascial movements. In fact there are only 16 teachers currently in the United States. Most of us are in the Houston area. We teach classical pilates repertoire from a fascial perspective. The fascial approach is the difference. Once you learn the concepts, the body is allowed to open, distribute load & force, move freely with less effort and have virtually no chance of injury!

How does Pilates from a fascial approach aid in pain relief?

Healing and caring for your fascia is key. Damaged and/or dehydrated fascia causes pain and discomfort. Releasing held tension and moving in unusual ways as we do in Pilates restores your fascia to a healthy, hydrated state. Load and force distributes past the joints to all of the muscles. Pain relief follows

What do I wear?

Choose movement friendly clothing: yoga pants, fitted sweatpants, & comfortable tee shirts are good examples. We do not wear shoes in Pilates. If you want to wear socks, choose grip/sticky bottom socks. Practicing barefoot is always an option.

What is fascia and why does it matter so much in movement?

Fascia is the Extensive web of connective tissues that runs throughout the entire body. It surrounds every muscle, bone, nerve and cell. Healthy facial tissue slides and glides past each other The fascia becomes dehydrated by lack of movement, repetitive movement, lifestyle or injury. Dehydrated fascia begins sticking to itself - movement is restricted… injury is inevitable. We often confuse dehydrated fascia as “tight muscles.”

What level of fitness do I need to have to start at Performance Pilates and Fascia?

None. All fitness levels are welcome. Pilates and Facial work is for everyone and EVERY “BODY”.

What type of equipment does Performance Pilates and Fascia use?

All classes and private pilates sessions have access to the pilates reformer, tower, chair, spine corrector, and mat pilates. Private pilates sessions can also include the use of the Cadillac, High Ladder Barrel, Ped-o-pull

Does Performance Pilates and Fascia have any special offers or membership incentives?

We offer an initial 90 minute consultation for $49. After your consultation, we offer a “Starter Kit” of 3 Private Sessions.

How long is each class session?

Classes are 55 minutes in duration.

What is a typical class size at Performance Pilates and Fascia?

Most pilates classes have between 3 – 5 participants. We will allow 6 clients into a pilates class. We offer private and semi-private pilates sessions as well.

Can I jump straight into classes?

We ask that all new class members begin with our “Starter Kit”: 3 private sessions. This requirement provides equipment familiarity and safety, discussion of any personal exercise modifications and to help build your comfort level before joining a group class.

How are you protecting your studio/clients from COVID?

In between sessions, we disinfect all touched surfaces of the equipment. We thoroughly disinfect the studio on a regular basis. When cleaning/disinfecting, we use appropriate products based on guidelines by the CDC and Environmental Protection Agency

Is your staff vaccinated?

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has said that employee vaccination status is confidential medical information under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). On this basis, an employer cannot comply with customer requests to be provided service only by vaccinated employees because the employer
would inadvertently be disclosing employee vaccination status to a third party.

No employer should provide information about an individual employee's vaccination status to a customer unless the employee has consented to the disclosure.

Do I need to be vaccinated?

You are not required to be vaccinated to participate at our studio.

Am I required to wear a mask?

Performance Pilates and Fascia adheres to the recommendations made by the CDC. We do not require masks, however, if you are not fully vaccinated we ask that you please consider wearing one.