Our Story

Cody Robbins & Michelle Long

Michelle & Cody, co-owners of Performance Pilates and Fascia, understand the frustration of being in pain and not having enough time for yourself.  

Michelle , a busy homeschooling mother of 5 , ended up  throwing her back out multiple times . She spent a week in bed each time recovering. Washing her face became a back pain nightmare. 

Cody was a professional D.J. in the Houston area and suffered from the toll of sitting for long hours takes on your body. Neither were taking the time to take care of themselves.

Both met on the first day of Pilates training in 2004 and became business partners in 2010. Together they went on to learn about Fascia and movement in 2015. Pilates combined with the Fascial perspective has completely healed their bodies. Now they move with ease and feel younger than ever. 

They specialize in helping busy people to move pain free and feel young again.  With 40 combined years of Pilates training and teaching experience, and an innovative understanding of the fascia, they are passionate about helping others heal and turn the clock back.


...A stronger body!  You’ll work all of your muscles and discover ease of movement through “Tensegrity”.  Load & force distributes through the whole body, efficiently tapping in to all of your muscles.  You’ll learn to recognize and release tension that restricts movement, and move pain free!  You’ll find your natural posture,  strength, flexibility, improved  heath and general well being.

You're In Good Hands

With they're increased knowledge of spine & disc issues, scoliosis, osteoporosis, pregnancy and more, you can rest assured that you are in good hands!  From the seasoned athlete to the deconditioned, or the average person wanting to stay fit and healthy, Pilates is for every "body".

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