Too much of this toxic ingredient will one day rob you of your health and well-being. – Part 1

Imagine for a moment a poisonous substance somehow got into 74% of the processed food in your local supermarket.

Eat too much of this substance and you’re headed for a life filled with hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver disease, heart disease, cancer, and dementia.  Which will pretty much condemn you to living out the last ten years of your life immobile and riddled with debilitating maladies.

You do a little bit of research into this poisonous substance and find out a few startling things. There are no limits to the amount manufacturers can put into food. To hide that it’s even in your food, manufacturers are legally allowed to use 56 different names to describe it. Plus there are lobby groups actively working to convince people that this poisonous substance is 100% safe.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, you love how this poisonous substance tastes. It makes you happy.  Once you get a taste of it, you want more, more, more.  So much so that each day you eat way over the recommended safe limits…without even realizing it.  Sounds pretty bad right?

Well, what if I told you that the “poisonous substance” as described is actually in your food right now.  If you haven’t guessed yet I’m talking about a sugar.

Is sugar a toxin?

Robert H. Lustig MD, Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology, University of California, San Francisco says it is.
He points out that “one-third of Americans have fatty liver disease.” A disease he says that wasn’t even described before 1980. He calls overconsumption of sugar “the biggest epidemic in the history of the world.”

In the Documentry Sugar Coated he points out the changes in our diet in the years from 1982 to 2012:

  • In 1982 our consumption of meat was 31.3%; in 2012 it was 21.5%. Down about 10%.
  • In 1982 our consumption of vegetables was 14.5%; in 2012 it was 14.6%. Roughly the same.
  • In 1982 our consumption of processed foods and sweets was 11.6%; in 2012 it was 22.96%.  About double!

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