Myofascia Release

Myofascia Release

Myofascia Release: A hands-on technique to release tension in the fascia, restoring movement and function.  A great warm-up to open and center the body before movement or a way to “undo” the day's demands.  Your session includes manual myofascia release and simple movements to create awareness and remove the tensional “hand-break” on your body in motion.

Fascia is a biological fabric that surrounds us like a body-wide leotard. It’s an extensive web of connective tissue underneath the skin that surrounds every muscle, organ, nerve, and cell in the body.

Fascia is full of nerve endings, made up of collagen, protein, and water, and kept hydrated and healthy by movement.  Fascia is plastic and elastic, moving and adapting to our external and internal environments. When our fascia does not slide, shear, and adapt properly we are prone to a lack of mobility, pain, and injury. Myofascia Release is available on its own in :15 or :30 minute sessions. We’ll use this technique when necessary in Private Pilates sessions too.


Rossiter® System

The Rossiter® system is a method for precision-targeted pain relief. We will coach you to resolve your pain by restoring the normal joint range of motion. The pain usually resides in the connective tissues, NOT the muscles.

Techniques employ weigh-assisted, active stretching of painful tissue. Results are immediate; however, there is no permanent fix for pain. That's because we continue doing the same daily activities, movements, and work.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

To relieve pain quickly, 2 to 3 sessions a week are recommended. While we allow 45 minutes for your Rossiter session, your issue could be resolved in as little as 10 or 30 minutes.  Once the problem is fixed, it's important not to do too many techniques, or you can undo what you've just fixed!

Rossiter sessions can be purchased independently, or we can include some Rossiter techniques in your private Pilates session. Rossiter is great for sciatica, carpal tunnel and wrist pain, elbow issues, headaches, neck, hip, and back pain, restless leg, shin splints, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, and other issues.  Rossiter is safe to practice daily and is great preventative maintenance for anyone.

We look forward to seeing you!

We teach you how to move without pain and gain youthful mobility. Learn how your fascia (connective tissue) plays a large role in an unrestricted, childlike movement.