New Year’s Resolution: Stick With It!

Here we are, almDiane 100 640 x480ost 3 weeks into the new year.  How are you doing with your health & fitness resolutions?

Losing weight, getting fit, and healthy life style are the number 1 New Year’s Resolutions each year.  While setting goals and resolving to do better are great, those goals need to be realistic, and attainable.  If you haven’t been exercising in 2013 don’t pressure yourself to run 3 miles, or expect yourself to be in the gym everyday.  While those are certainly good things to do and aspire to, starting with something simple like a daily walk around the block will allow you to be successful, which can create motivation to turn that walk into a run, and progress by going a little further…perhaps two times around the block.  Getting into the gym is also great.  Seek the advice of a trainer, or join a class to be held accountable and to educate yourself on safe and effective exercise.  Also try different things. It’s much easier to be consistent if you actually enjoy what you are doing.

Life, family, work, and environment will always get in the way of our best intentions. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the things we have to get done and places we have to be…and I know I didn’t want to go for a run outside during our recent cold snap!  Don’t let these things de-rail your goals.  I tell all of my Pilates clients, “give yourself :20 minutes everyday to do something physical”.  Sometimes :20 minutes is really all you have, but you’ll find once you’re up and moving, that :20 minutes can sometimes turn into an hour.  YOU’LL START TO FEEL GOOD, and realize that some things can wait. You’ll be able to think more clearly, make better judgement calls and actually be more productive.

If you are making a lifestyle change, tell your family, friends and co-workers what you’re trying to achieve. Get them in your corner…a support system is a valuable tool.  You may even inspire others to join you in your endeavor.  Here’s to your success and Happy New Year!

Next week:  Tips on what to do for :20 minutes when you get that curveball and can’t get to the gym.

Cody is a comprehensively certified Pilates Instructor through PEAK Pilates.  She is the Co-owner of Performance Pilates at GTC Gym & Training Center in Sugar Land/Greatwood.  With 10 years experience teaching Pilates, she is in the process of earning her personal trainer certification.  You can also hear Cody Weeknights from 7pm to midnight, and weekends at MIX 96.5!   Contact her directly at 901-871-8791



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