Reverse the Aging Process With Pilates|Sugarland

I’m sure we’d all like to reverse the aging process. We all grow older but a “number” doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t go on a hike, run a race, site see, play on the floor with grand children…and then get up. Why is it that we lose the mobility of our youth? It’s because as we grow older our fascia slowly drys out. Sedentary lifestyles, repetitive movement, and stress make the problem worse.

Because our fascia is the tissue of form, we take on the shape of what we do every day, and in how we feel.

Overtime, we can get “stuck” in these patterns and slowly lose our ability to do the things we enjoy doing.

In the Pilates studio we can reverse the process, and actually restore movement!

Releasing tension and moving in unusual-for-you ways re-hydrates the fascia improving mobility and resilience. Movement heals, and we have the knowledge, tools, and equipment to unravel the physical holding pattern you may be stuck in.

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