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3 ways Performance Pilates & Fascia can help Houston Astros, Carlos Correa & Aaron Sanchez recover from injuries

Houston Astros, Carlos Correa and Aaron Sanchez are on the injured list after beating the Tigers. Carlos is out due to back pain. Aaron Sanchez has a tight pec muscle from throwing those fast balls. Here are 3 ways Performance Pilates & Fascia can use Spatial Medicine techniques to bring them back in time for the playoffs!
1. Myofascia Release: Releases movement restrictions in the soft tissue. Puts the “slide” back in fascial tissues which will speed healing and reduce the probability of re-injury. Myofascia Release is non manipulative restoration of the fascia.
2. Teaching “Tensegrity” / distribution: Load and force from batting, running, throwing, catching,sliding etc. distribute through the whole body not just one set of muscles and bones. 
3. Teaching awareness of, and how to use myofascia lines for distribution: For Aaron Sanchez, the focus would be on the arm lines. The back arm lines could be restricting the front arm lines, requiring more work from the pec muscles to throw that ball lightening fast. 
For Carlos…balancing the front, back, and lateral lines of the body for correct structural relationships of the pelvis and spine coupled with the idea of “tensegrity” creating “space” in the body. Load, force and reactive movements are then distributed to not disturb his back. 
For both guys, finding the stretch and re-coil of the spiral line, and use of hamstrings.

If you have an “in” with the Astros, please forward! I would love to help! Go Astros!!
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