Michelle Teaching

Does your Pilates instructor know if you have Osteoporosis, spinal or disc injuries? How about shoulder, hip or other joint issues? Eye conditions? Are you pregnant? Do you have back pain, sciatica or scoliosis? Perhaps you have a knee or hip replacement? Are you recovering from surgery? Do you have any other physical considerations? Does your Pilates instructor personally review your health intake form BEFORE you work out? Do you know if your Pilates instructor is even CERTIFIED to take care of special populations?

…we are the ONLY place in Fort Bend county certified to teach whole body, fascial movements.

At Performance Pilates and Fascia we CARE! We understand that you are unique.  We believe that everyone lives in a custom body.  We do not believe in impersonal, cookie cutter training to the masses. With a combined forty years of experience, owners Michelle and Cody are experts in the feild of training people with these conditions in mind.  They hold Certifications that can address all of these bodies safely and more!  Also, they are the ONLY place in Fort Bend county certified to teach whole body, fascial movements.

You’ll get a great workout,

restoring ease and functionality to your everyday life.

Recover faster and prevent future injury.  Get rid of compensations and imbalances through whole body movements.  Learn to unload tension from the joints and distribute load and force throughout the entire body.  Enjoy great workouts and restore ease and functionality to your everyday life.  Most importantly, you get PERSONAL ATTENTION!  You are not a number.  You are an individual who deserves the best care from a knowledgeable certified instructor.  Our small classes are for a better client/teacher ratio to help, correct, and progress you forward. At Performance Pilates and Fascia, Michelle and Cody are dedicated to providing superior training to men and women of any age, level of fitness, ability, or physical condition.

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