Hello Summer Time!

It’s summer time!  Bring on the vacations, travel, and family time.  This summer, don’t let your summer fun derail your fitness routine!   Swimming, walking, hiking, biking, boating and other summer activities provide plenty of exercise. There are also treadmills and some strength training equipment available and convenient at most hotels.  Pilates is extremely portable and the mat exercises can be done anywhere…even in your hotel room!   If you know the Pilates Mat exercise flow you can take it with you anywhere in your mind, body and suitcase.  My favorite way to start a busy day of exploring and sightseeing is to take a yoga mat outside by the hotel pool and move through a nice Pilates mat flow.  It warms up and wakes up the body, activates your abdominal muscles, helps to maintain flexibility, restores alignment and gets you prepared for an action packed day.  If you’re muscles are sore from the fun you had the day before, or you’re feeling tight and stiff from traveling, the mat exercises will restore balance to the muscles, providing stretch with strength, and relieve soreness.

At Performance Pilates we include mat exercises in our classes and private sessions so that our clients will know most of the exercises and how to do them.  We’ll give you a list of exercises for your time away from the studio.  When you return it’s as though you never missed a day.

Ask your instructor.  She can give you the list and even highlight the exercises that are most beneficial and suitable for you.  Here’s to a fit, fun and restful summer!


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