Ready For Some Football? Get Pilates!


Congratulations to our Houston Texans on their WIN in the pre-season home opener against the San Francisco 49’ers! Brian Hoyer got us off to a great start with a 58 yard touchdown pass in the first drive of the game. Granted it is the pre-season but that was pretty exciting. It’s going to be an interesting season with Arian Foster out. That said, we hope everyone stays healthy and injury free this season. Pilates exercise is a great way for Football Players and athletes in any sport to maintain flexibility, agility, muscular strength, stamina and balance, resulting in fewer injuries,  faster recovery from injuries, and at the end of the day a better performance. We posted this article on our Facebook page earlier this year and it’s certainly timely as the 2015 season gets underway. Check it out…“Why these 7 NFL Wide Receivers Do Pilates”.  Go Texans!

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