Pilates & Athletes: Labron James


With Father’s Day coming up, we’ve been highlighting Pilates for Men, and pointing out a few notables. Cleveland Cavaliers Forward, Labron James, is taking his sixth straight trip to the finals, including his four with Miami…and yes, Pilates is part of his training program!  In the off season he swims and takes Pilates and Yoga classes in Akron Ohio to maintain superior fitness, flexibility, and stamina. He credits his off season efforts for his ability to play more than 40 minutes a game without any problems. Labron says “I just try to do stuff to stay above the curve”. Pilates helps athletes excel at any sport by working the core muscles, increasing flexibility, stamina, endurance and balance. Whether it’s basketball, football, golf, running, swimming or anything else, Pilates can provide a competitive edge. The balanced approach to Pilates also reduces the likelihood of injury which is important for everyone from the professional athlete to the weekend warrior.  So get moving…Get YOUR game on with Pilates!

Cody Robbins | Performance Pilates

Photos above courtesy of businessinsider.com, 2012



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