Why Pilates? Movement Heals!

While any form of exercise or movement is good for you the Pilates method not only makes you look and feel good, but also has a healing effect on the body.   Pain and stiffness in the body, whether it’s from overuse in sports or in the garden,  an imbalance or injury…Or from being stationary at work from day to day, you can find relief through Pilates exercise.

You are only as old as your spine is healthy. – Joseph Pilates

gravity, compressing the spine.

However many years old you are is how long you have been being pulled down by gravity, compressing the spine.  In Pilates exercises we work to decompress the spine, strengthen your core or “Powerhouse”, improving and strengthening posture and alignment, which takes pressure off of the spine.  In most cases the result is relief from back-pain.  Strong posture and alignment also allows for more space inside so your internal organs can function more efficiently…you may appear to be taller too!   Pilates exercise improves flexibility allowing you to reach down and tie your shoes, turn to look behind you, reach over to the side to pick something up and reach up to get something off of a high shelf.  These are basic scenarios, but these same spinal movements are revisited in sports and certain work environments.

If you participate in a sport often, or sit at a desk at work all day, your body is repeating the same movement patterns every day.  Throwing a ball with your right arm…what about the left side?  You swing your golf club to the left…when do you twist to the right?  You’re sitting at your desk all day…are you a little slow to stand up?  These repetitive movements can create weakness, and imbalance in the body causing pain and stiffness.  In Pilates we counter these repetitive movement patterns “undoing the damage” of your typical day to day activity or inactivity, with repetitive proper movement patterns that keep the body in balance.

 The results of Pilates exercise in a nutshell are strength, flexibility, balance and control.  Creating balance in the body prevents injury.  If you are injured, not flexible, have back, neck, shoulder, hip, or knee pain… or pain anywhere  in the body…coupling proper movement patterns with breath sends oxygen through the body and increases circulation, which can help you to recover from injury faster, overcome physical limitations and relieve stress and tension.

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