Cody’s Blog: How to Recover from a Candy Hangover

By Cody & Michelle | October 18, 2015 |

It’s almost Halloween which means candy which equals lots of sugar.   Processing all that extra sugar takes a toll on our bodies and can make us crave even more. Clinical Dietician, Jessica Decostole says “In the short term, a sugar binge can make you feel very energetic, But then comes the inevitable crash.  When you eat an excessive amount of sugar, your pancreas goes into overdrive pumping out insulin to get all that glucose out of your bloodstream and into your muscle cells so it can be used for energy”.  The excess insulin causes your blood sugar to drop fast.…

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Ready For Some Football? Get Pilates!

By Cody & Michelle | August 16, 2015 |

Congratulations to our Houston Texans on their WIN in the pre-season home opener against the San Francisco 49’ers! Brian Hoyer got us off to a great start with a 58 yard touchdown pass in the first drive of the game. Granted it is the pre-season but that was pretty exciting. It’s going to be an interesting season with Arian Foster out. That said, we hope everyone stays healthy and injury free this season. Pilates exercise is a great way for Football Players and athletes in any sport to maintain flexibility, agility, muscular strength, stamina and balance, resulting in fewer injuries,…

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How To Stay Hydrated This Summer

By Cody & Michelle | August 10, 2015 |

The Dog Days of Summer are here!  The forecast is calling for temperatures in the triple digits all week. Whether you’re working, playing or exercising outside, staying hydrated is extra important.  I found this article with 13 helpful tips for staying hydrated.  Did you know that low fat chocolate milk is a perfect post exercise drink?  Click here to learn more.  I’m having a tall glass of ice water right now.  Stay cool and safe during these hot days ahead.  .   Cody Robbins does the 7pm-Midnight show Monday – Friday on Mix 96.5, and is the Co-Owner and Pilates…

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Pilates for Bone Health

By Cody & Michelle | July 27, 2015 |

  We’ve talked about how Pilates exercise is great for strength, flexibility, balance, control, muscle tone, a flat stomach, spinal health and improved posture.  Did you know that Pilates is good for bone health too?  Bone regenerates and strengthens through forces that act upon it. Weight bearing, resistance and impact exercises load the bones which help to build and strengthen them.  Pilates exercise offers dynamic resistance, multi-dimensional movement, and decompression of the spine.  Pilates also helps by improving balance to prevent injuries from falling. Statistics show that 44 million Americans are at risk for osteoporosis.   1 in 2 women and…

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Hello Summer Time!

By Cody & Michelle | July 6, 2015 |

It’s summer time!  Bring on the vacations, travel, and family time.  This summer, don’t let your summer fun derail your fitness routine!   Swimming, walking, hiking, biking, boating and other summer activities provide plenty of exercise. There are also treadmills and some strength training equipment available and convenient at most hotels.  Pilates is extremely portable and the mat exercises can be done anywhere…even in your hotel room!   If you know the Pilates Mat exercise flow you can take it with you anywhere in your mind, body and suitcase.  My favorite way to start a busy day of exploring and sightseeing is…

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Cody’s Blog: Pilates and Pregnancy

By Cody & Michelle | July 5, 2015 |

I was recently asked about Pilates exercise during pregnancy for our Moms-to-be.  Pilates is a wonderful prenatal option!  Pilates strengthens the abdominals and pelvic floor, which helps during the later months of pregnancy, reducing back pain, works as a prep for an easier delivery, minimizes the diastasis, and keeps the abdominals toned for a faster recovery.  Pilates exercise also strengthens posture and improves balance which can be compromised as the body changes.  Once baby is born, Pilates makes Mom strong so she can lift the new baby up and down, get up and down from the floor, and get in…

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Welcome First Responders!

By Cody & Michelle | January 23, 2015 |

Our Police, Fire and Medical First Responders work hard to keep us all safe. Sometimes that work can pose physical challenges, and effect those who protect and serve emotionally. Pilates exercise is a perfect way to counter these effects physically by lengthening tight muscles, restoring alignment and length of the spine, strengthening and balancing opposing muscle groups, improving circulation and getting oxygen to the muscles, and improving posture, balance and control. Collectively, restoring strength, flexibility, balance, control, and oxygen flow… Pilates exercise enhances mood and general well being. As a thank you for the job you do, Performance Pilates welcomes…

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Why Pilates?

By Cody & Michelle | December 11, 2014 |
Joseph Pilates photo

Besides core strength & a flat stomach, flexibility, improved spinal health, reduced back pain & better posture, better balance & control, a better golf game or performance in any sport, improved endurance, and enhanced general well being…Pilates keeps you young, makes you physically and emotionally strong, gives you the ability to handle whatever life throws your way…and its FUN! Here are a few examples: Videos courtesy of Pilates Anytime. Cody Robbins is Co-Owner of Performance Pilates in Sugar Land.  713-301-5007    

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3 Ways To Earn A FREE Class!

By Cody & Michelle | December 2, 2014 |

It’s always nice to give back to our loyal customers, especially during the holidays. At Performance Pilates we couldn’t be more grateful for the awesome people we get to see in our studio each and every day. With your help, others will easily find us too, and you get a FREE CLASS! Here are three ways to get an extra class… *Leave a GOOGLE Review: Click Here  *Buy an Intro-Series Holiday Gift Certificate as a Gift: (Purchase in studio only) *Refer a Friend: If your referral buys an Intro Series, you get a FREE Class! Limit 2 Free Classes per…

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Valentines Day: Work Out With A Partner!

By Cody & Michelle | February 4, 2014 |

With Valentine’s Day 1 week away…time to get the spouse off the couch!  If you’re both already up and moving this is a good time to find something fun to participate in together.  Many gyms and boutique studios offer a two- for- one special around Valentine’s Day.  You might also find things like 30-Day fitness challenge programs that include training and diet coaching, complete with supplements for one economical price.  Our GTC Gym & Training Center is offering discounts on Family Memberships the Valentines Day, so you can work out with the ones you love.  We have fun in our…

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