Michelle Long

Among those leading our amazing staff of instructors is studio co-owner, Michelle Long.

Learn more about Michelle below.

Q:  What led you to Pilates?

A:  I tried a 30 minute Pilates Reformer class and Wow! I loved the combination of strength and stretch. I     moved in a way I hadn’t since I was a child. I immediately got certified and opened my own business in 2004. I have been teaching ever since.

Q:  What are your specialties or what is new in your practice?

A:  I recently have been going through Myofascial training with Karin Locher from the UK.  I apply the Myofascial teaching to the Pilates movements. Learning how to move through our body’s natural ability or “Tensegrity”. I now move  much easier and with  much less effort or tension.

Q:  What changes do you enjoy seeing in your clients?

A:  Freedom of movement, no longer “muscling” through exercises, pain free range of motion, doing more with less effort. I love to see them feeling younger everyday.

Q:  Do you work with both men and women clients

A:  Yes!!! I enjoy teaching  both men and women . More and more men are showing up in our studio. Afterall, Joseph Pilates did create Pilates to be an exercise specifically for men.

Q:  Why is it important for beginners to take private sessions?

A:   My goal is for everyone to move safely, comfortably and confidently. It generally takes 3 private sessions to learn the Beginner Pilates repitoire. Everyone, then, has a chance to do all the exercises and learn any modifications. Then when they go to classes , they feel they are ready.

Q:  Do you teach classes?

A:  Yes. All of our classes are leveled to accommodate our clients abilities. I now teach Fascial Flow PIlates classes. Combining Myofascial teaching with the Pilates exercises.

Q:  What is your favorite Pilates equipment and why?

A:  I love the Reformer. I like the way the springs assist the movements to make them easier or harder.I can lay down, sit or stand on the equipment while I make it move underneath me.It challanges my strength, balance and flexibility. The variety and  long list  of exercises keep it fresh and fun.

Q:  What Pilates exercise challenges you most?

A:  Snake and Twist on the Reformer tests my entire body! And how about we add a twist to an already extremely challenging exercise!

Q:  What makes Pilates FUN?

A:  The changes that are created  in your body. The vast variety of equipment and exercises. Working out with other people . Mostly , I enjoy the accomplishment of doing something I couldn’t before!

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