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Soften Your Ride:  Upper Body Stability For Better Hands

Upper body stability frees your arms to give you better use of your hands.  Does your horse pull you forward?  Does your trainer  tell you to “sit up”, but you think you already are sitting up?  Have you been told not to balance with your hands or to keep your hands still?  While your trainer is correct in telling you to sit up, how do we do that really?   This workshop picks up where “ our last workshop “...Help From A Spring” left off.  We will continue to explore the adaptability of our myofascia body and look for stability through “bio-tensegrity”and efficient distribution.  This time we’ll look at the front and lateral lines of the body and the relationship they have to the arms and hands.  Well find how keeping the front of the body open gives you better balance, less dependence on your hands and better communication with your horse.

If you missed our last workshop, we will review before moving forward.  No prerequisites.  Everyone welcome!

For those who don’t ride horses, these concepts will cross over into any sport or occupation requiring movement and posture.  

Wednesday, November 13th

6pm - 9pm

Performance Pilates & Fascia

19875 Southwest Freeway

Suite 200


Happy Halloween!

Early Bird $55 EXTENDED through 10/31

Direct Contact:  346-404-9907

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Taught by Cody Robbins | Performance Pilates