Pilates Fascia Flow


cody FF

Cody& Michelle are changing the name of their Pilates classes to Pilates Fascia Flow.  They are now among of a short list of Pilates teachers who have completed “Neurofascia Bridge I & II: The Restoration of Fascia Through Awareness & Movement”.  They are teaching privFile_000ate sessions, and Pilates classes you’ve grown to love and expect with a new approach to anatomy and movement.  In these classes you’ll move through your favorite Pilates exercises releasing tension, creating space and “Tensegrity” (tension + integrity) in the body.  As a result, movement becomes easy, effortless, and beautiful!  You’ll be encouraged to “Let Go”, still gaining abdominal strength, muscle tone, flexibility, balance and control without exhaustion.  You may also become more acquainted with “yourself”.  Classes are Beginner/Level I – Level III.  

Cody and Michelle are available for private sessions through “Senior Exclusive” pricing options only. (C & M Pictured with Spacial Medicine Founder/Director, Karin Locher).