January Kickstart Challenge

Kickstart Your 2022 Fitness Routine!

The Challenge

Unlimited Pilates classes in January!

Set your 2022 health & fitness goals now!  Start a healthy, new habit.  Pilates everyday!

**Insure your success with a Food Coach from our Balanced Habits Nutrition Program!  (Optional for an additional charge)

"You'll look better in 10 sessions, feel better in 20 sessions, and have a completely new body in 30 sessions.  -Joseph Pilates

The Program

  • Fill out the form so we can reserve your spot!
  • Save $200 on Unlimited Classes!  $433 for the month of January.
  • Add unlimited classes to your current class package for the difference in price.
  • New clients save $100 on the 3 private session Starter Kit. (Required before joining a class).
  • The January Kickstart Challenge begins Monday, January 3rd and runs through January 31st.

***No refunds or prorated packages.  Classes are Equipment and/or Mat Classes.  Missed classes do not carry over.  Offer limited to January 2022 only.***

By February You'll...

  1. Look & Feel Better
  2. Discover Pain-Free Effortless Movement!
  3. Improve Strength & Flexibility
  4. Reduce Held Tension in the body
  5. Improve body awareness
  6. Improve Physical & Emotional Wellbeing
  7. Start a Healthy New Habit For 2022!

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