Melinda Acosta

Melinda has completed her PEAK Pilates Comprehensive Level I and Level II Certifications and is now taking clients in our studio.  If you are new to Pilates or our studio, your first session with us is always $39.  Melinda's previous experience includes study through STOTT Pilates, and Mat certification through PEAK Pilates.  Learn more about Melinda below.

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Q:  What led you to Pilates?

A:initially I learned Pilates at Alvin Ailey dance school for their certification program. Later, I was in a car accident and started doing Pilates again to alleviate my pain. I decided that I wanted to help others with pain or limited mobility as well as maintaining good form.

Q:  What are your specialties?

A:  I have many clients with spinal limitations as well as clients who have limited mobility. I focus on strengthening the core, articulating the spine, and stretching.

Q:  What changes do you enjoy seeing in your clients?

A:   Their ability to find their pelvic floor. That’s always a big accomplishment. They also increase their flexibility substantially and develop coordination

Q:  Do you work with both men and women clients?

A:  Yes mostly women but I have a couple of male clients

Q:  Why is it important for beginners to take private sessions?

A:  They need to learn the foundation of Pilates exercises so as not to get hurt

Q:  Do you teach classes?

A:  I currently I teach private reformer sessions and a mixed level mat class.

Q:  What is your favorite Pilates exercise and why?

A:  My favorite Pilates exercise is long stretch because it works the entire body.

Q:  What Pilates exercise challenges you most?

A:   Front rowing standing

Q:  What makes Pilates FUN?

A:  Challenging myself to do the exercises in the most challenging positions, like standing versus sitting or kneeling. I also like to explore new exercises when working out. Some of them may be real exercises, some of them may be made up by me.  I take a lot of dance and apply it to the reformer and do a floor bar work out.

Melinda Acosta