Lisa Breaux

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Q:  What led you to Pilates?

 A:   I started as a personal trainer and although I liked it, I didn't care for the gym mentality.  I was offered an internship at Houston Ballet where I was first introduced to Pilates in 1997.  I fell in love with the way my body looked and felt after only 6 weeks of doing the method.

Q:  What are your specialties?

A: I specialize in Post Rehab Exercise and Pilates & Functional Fitness.  My comprehensive Pilates certification is through the Physical Mind Institute.  I am a certified Rehab Exercise Specialist (RES), and a certified personal trainer through PFIT.  Through continuing education I’ve studied rehab of the knee, osteoporosis, injury-post rehab, chronic conditions, pre & post natal, and other special populations.

Q:  Do you do any sports specific training?

A:  Pilates for GOLF!  I have a Pilates for Golf workshop that I offer.  I am planning to host my workshop at Performance Pilates in April... details coming soon.  We'll talk about the bio-mechanics of the golf swing, we address form, physical issues and compensation patterns that may me holding your game back.  Most importantly, I offer solutions!

Q:  What changes do you enjoy seeing in your clients?

A:   I never tire of hearing the oooohs and ahhhhs from clients when they get the "feelgood" from Pilates, but I absolutely love it when  a 1st time client progresses.  On their 3rd or 4th session they began to connect the dots, making the connection in their own bodies and start to move beautifully.  In the beginning many clients underestimate themselves, so to see them getting it is a huge source of excitement and pride for me and for them. There is nothing like it and it never gets old to me.

Q:  Do you work with both men and women clients?

A:  I train both men and women.  For men it’s Flexibility…and improving the Golf game.  For women I focus on long lean muscle and functional training.

Q:  Why is it important for beginners to take private sessions?

A:   I can never stress enough the importance of private sessions for a newcomer.  The most important thing is SAFETY.  It is most unwise to allow an individual with no Pilates experience into a class, even if that person is very fit and exercises regularly.  Another reason is enjoyment.  It would not be much fun for the new client or the experienced existing class to have someone not know what is going on, or to slow down the current participants that have been properly trained.  I want the new person’s  experience to be a positive one and it will be having some experience on the equipment.

 Q:  Do you teach classes?

A:  Yes, I teach classes Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Friday mornings at 10:30.

 Q:  What is your favorite Pilates exercise and why?

A:  Without a doubt, Shortspine.   I love the stretch I get in my upper and lower back. Since my car accident in 2004, it is the go to exercise that gives me relief and makes the world a better place.

Q:  What Pilates exercise challenges you most?

A:  Snake and twist. Because of my scoliosis, my left side is much weaker than my right.   Obtaining the equal balance and strength necessary is difficult and uncomfortable. it is an exercise my body tends to shy away from which is precisely why I make myself do it!!!

Q:  What makes Pilates FUN?

A:   The clients make Pilates fun!!!   Although I love to play, experiment and create, there is nothing better than hangin' with the gals for some laughs and a good time.  I love the variety of folks we have here.  They are not afraid of new stuff, in fact they welcome it.  They also keep me on my toes and keep the creative juices flowing.


Lisa Breaux PIlates Instructor