Resilience in Performance & Competition

Karin Locher | Spatial Medicine
Hertfordshire, UK.

A Workshop with Karin Locher | Spatial Medicine  

New date:  Friday, July 14th from 6pm-9pm | Sign up HERE

We’ve all heard the expression “Run faster, jump higher”.  What if you could?  Karin Locher | Spatial Medicine and Performance Pilates in Sugar Land present a workshop with a new approach towards performance for athletes, sports enthusiasts, coaches & team representatives, movement professionals and sports medicine practioners.

When your fascia is healthy and elastic, and your body awareness allows for tensegrity and distribution of force, you can move with less effort and you are less likely to become injured.  In this workshop, we’ll explore fascia as an extensive web of connective tissue, what tensegrity is, and how healthy soft tissue (fascia) creates resilience.

Fascia was thought to play a passive role in movement.  New research shows that individual muscles acting on bones cannot adequately explain stability and movement.  Tensegrity means our fascia is a continuous inward-pulling tensional network, balanced by the outward press of our bones. When we find tensegrity, load and force on the body–whether sliding into home, being tackled, riding…or inevitably falling off a horse, throwing a ball, or lifting something heavy—distributes evenly throughout the myofascial lines.  The neuromyofascial web serves us from second-to-second against gravity and other forces we encounter in our training and competitive environments.

In this workshop, you’ll learn more about fascia, and how this awareness can possibly prolong your career or hobby.  You’ll also learn about your “back space” as a place and a tool to keep you calm under pressure in competition and in daily life.

Resilience in Performance & Competition

A Workshop with Karin Locher | Spatial Medicine

Friday, July 14th  |  6pm – 9pm


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