Performance Pilates Co-Owner and Instructor, Cody Robbins is now an ACE Certified Personal Trainer!  She will now be adding personal training group classes and private personal training sessions.  Be on the look out for new Pilates inspired classes on the GTC Fitness web site including “TRX/Chair”, and “Strength and Length”.

Click HERE  to sign up.  Choose the appropriate “Hour Group” or “1/2 Hour Group” package or drop-in options.

“TRX and Chair”:  A :30 minute class on Tuesdays at 11:30 alternating between suspension training on TRX and the Pilates MVE/Wunda Chair.  This is a full body workout with a core challenge, as well as balance, coordination and control.

“Strength & Length”:  A 1 hour class Thursday mornings at 10am (Beginning Thursday 6/26) that includes :30 to :40 minutes of strength training, followed by :20 to :30 minutes of Mat Pilates.  Mat Pilates is wonderful following weight bearing exercise, restoring muscle length, alignment, decompressing the spine and joints, reinforcing core/”Power House” strength and activation, and reducing muscle soreness.  More class times coming soon.

For questions about signing up or for more information, contact Cody directly at 901-871-8791, or