The Neurofascia Bridge: Bridging You To A Fascial Prospective — With Karin Locher | Spatial Medicine

  Get 32 PMA CEC’s  with your participation

Karin Locher | Spatial Medicine
Hertfordshire, UK.

Bridge I, ” The  Prelude” is coming to Performance Pilates July 13th – 16th.   You will learn about the neuro-myo-fascia system in this 4 day intensive, change  your  perspective,  evolve  your  perception  and  see  new possibilities.

“The  quality  of  instructions  and  information  was  excellent,  allowing  me  to  understand  how  I  can   incorporate  these  ways  into  my  osteopathic  practice.  A  brilliant  4  days.”   Malcolm  Gregory,  Osteopathic  Health  Centre,  Dubai

“Thank  you  so  much  for  the  Bridge  Prelude  Life  changing.  I  feel  a  little  like  a  “Body  Whisperer”.  I  know  it   will  get  deeper  and  I  will  become  better  at  this.  I  feel  like  I  can  ”  Body  Speak”.  You  know  what  I’m  talking   about.  Thank  you.  ”  Michelle  Long,  Houston

“The  phenomenal  way  in  which  Karin  so  personally  presents  this  material  is  what  sets  her  apart  from  the   rest.  It  makes  it  real,  and  isn’t  that  what  it’s  really  all  about?”   Jill  Gilbert,  Houston

Programme  overview:     Bridge  1  is  open  to  all  qualified  or  enthused  movement,  manual  and  mind  professionals  to   experience  how  to  take  your  work  and  yourselves  into  the  newly  recognized  world  of  the   neuro-­‐myo-­‐fascia.     This  profound  new  body  of  work  offers  you  a  new  dimension,  leading  you  into  the  ‘century  of   change’.  This  Prelude  of  the  Bridge  will  evolve  your  perception  expanding  your  professional   horizons.     It  will  change  your  perspective,  heightening  your  awareness  and  senses  to  a  new  and  different   experience  and  reality.

 (For those who are curious you may attend the first 2 days for a reduced rate.  Details below).

What  it  offers:  

•     Bridge  1  offers  an  enriched  experience  and  application  to  work  with  the  nature  of  the   neuro-­‐myo-­‐fascia  system  for  profound  personal  and  professional  gain.

•     You  will  see  and  understand  the  available  fascial  requirement  of  each  of  the  body’s   movement  orientations:  flexion,  extension  &  rotation  of  the  spine,  hip,  knee,  ankle  and   shoulder,  and  lateral  and  functional  movement,  from  a  fascial  perspective.

•     You  will  experience  how  re-­‐storing  to  re-­‐set  the  neuro-­‐myo-­‐fascial  pathways  influences   the  whole  of  your  physiology.

•     The  weekend  will  demonstrate  how  through  what  you  do  (and  even  think)  you  create  fascial  change.  By  becoming  more  conscious  of  how  your  body  is  reacting  and  what  to,   you  are  able  to  elicit  the  required  change  at  will.

•     With  the  learning  tool  and  guide  of  Thomas  Myers’  revolutionary  Anatomy  Trains  map  to   take  us  around  the  fascial  body,  the  Prelude  will  teach  you  how  to  recognize  and  change   the  fascial  imbalances,  strain  patterns,  habit  patterns,  and  associated  re-­‐action  patterns,   that  in  time  become  our  symptoms  and  syndromes.       The  programme  will  awaken  a  re-­‐newed  way  to  see  and  experience  the  body,  it  will  bring   you  to  re-­‐new  senses  and  a  re-­‐new  vision.


  • How  long  is  Bridge  1:     4  days:  Total  26  hrs.   In  just  4  days  you  will  experience  yourself  and  your  work  from  a  whole  new  Perspective.  (There is also an option to do just the first 2 days)
  •  What  qualification  will  I  get?
    •  You  will  receive  a  Certificate  of  Bridge  1  Completion and 32 PMA CEC’s
    •  Bridge  1  is  the  pre-­‐requisite  for  Bridge  2:  The  Change.
    • Where  can  I  take  the  Prelude:     Bridge  1  is  available  at  locations  around  the  world.

Programme  Fee:    Payment plans are available

UK/USA/UAE:  £950.00/US Dollar: $1229.11  

FIRST 2 DAYS ONLY:  UK/USA/UAE:  £475 / US Dollar:  $614.56

Europe/Zurich:  £1.050


7/13:  11am – 7pm

7/14:  10am- 5pm

7/15:  10am – 5pm

7/16:  10am – 4pm

Bridge  bookings  and  courses   Contact  us:     Karin  Locher  |  Spatial  medicine   +44  (0)  1442  833  487  (UK)  info@spatialmedicine-­‐