“Guinea-Pig” Teacher N’ Training Sessions

Performance Pilates offers support and mentor-ship to those going through their Pilates Teacher Certification program.  These teachers in training need to get 100+ hours of teaching under their belt before they can test out and become certified.  You can help our teachers in training and enjoy private Pilates sessions for a small studio fee of just $10.

Our GP Private II teachers have earned their Comprehensive Level-1 Certification on all apparatus and are teaching safe and effective private sessions and group classes.  Until they earn their Level-II certification they will continue to offer  reasonable discounts for private sessions.  This is a great, affordable,  opportunity to get started in a Pilates program.

Now through November 15th Donna Meece is available for private sessions for just $10!  We are also pleased to welcome Krista Karbalai to our teaching staff.  She is working on her Level-II certification and is teaching GP Private II sessions for $55.  “Guinea Pig” rates are only good through November 15th!  Click the links below to purchase and schedule your sessions.

*GP Private Session: $10.

*GP Private Session II:  $55