Gym Christy Training Pilates Studio 2014

Finally we’ve got some warmer weather and we’re starting to think about Spring Break, Summer, and showing some skin. Performance Pilates is located inside the GTC Gym & Training Center, and together we have everything you need to get in shape for summer and improve your health and fitness. We’d like to first announce 24-hour access to GTC Gym & Training Center! Members receive a key tag that allows you to use the gym at your convenience. GTC & Performance Pilates offer private and group Personal Training, Pilates Private Sessions and small group classes on the mat and equipment (reformer, cadillac, chairs & barrels). Pilates class rates going up $1.25 per class beginning 3/15.  Take advantage of our current rates now! 

Individual and Family GTC Membership is available, and everything is available to purchase and to schedule online! Below are some links to get you started. GTC and Performance Pilates have two separate websites. The links below will direct you to the point-of-sale on each site for Memberships, Introductory Packages, private sessions & group classes, and New Client Paperwork.  We are always here to answer your questions, GTC 281-224-0013 & Performance Pilates 713-301-5007

If it’s your first visit to GTC, call us to make an appointment so someone will be there to let you in.  Ring the doorbell when you arrive. We’ll let you in and set you up with your member key tag.

Performance Pilates: New Client Paper Work

Performance Pilates: Introductory Series (3 Private Sessions)

Performance Pilates:  Mat Class (Saturdays 10 am, open to all!)

GTC:  Monthly Individual Membership ($29)

GTC: Personal Training / Pilates Drop-In Options